Lecture and clinic topics include:

Music For Television - How it is used, what the conventions are, what are directors and producers expecting, and the techniques available for different situations.
Production Music - A growing career opportunity and fascinating area of post-production. Includes the basics of music licensing, working with music libraries, and finding the style and genre that suits your skills.
Writing Great Music That Sells - A detailed look at the techniques that never fail - that please producers, musicians, your target audience, and the general public. Coodley's shares his 30 years experience composing and producing music for TV, commercials, and 130 CD's of production music


Workshops and Master Classes:

Coodley works with a group of selected students on their projects and demos, giving immediate feedback and specific instruction on how to improve, focus, and package their music for the music industry. While being academically rigorous, Coodley's approach zeroes in on what sells and what makes it great.

Coodley finds the nuggets of gold within a student's work and helps him or her build those elements into a compelling package - how to grab and audience and tell a story with their music.

Mitch has been delivering focused, results-oriented lectures, clinics, workshops, and master classes since 2002. All have the same goal: helping students achieve success in the field of music for broadcast media. The venues include:

Lectures, Workshops, Master Classes

New York University Film Scoring Dept.
Berklee College of Music
Boston University
Northeastern University
The Film Music Network
New York, ASCAP writer workshops
BMI Workshop - Music For Visual Media
Sonic Arts Department - CUNY

CUNY - Laguardia CC